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Welcome to Datazilla’s documentation!

Datazilla is a system for managing and visualizing test data. It’s designed to be able to manage different subsets of test data, such as performance data. This project includes database template schemas, a model layer, web service, and web based user interface.


At a top level, performance test data is submitted as a JSON data structure to the webservice via HTTP POST, an example data structure can be found here. It’s stored in a dedicated database schema as an object. The objects in this schema are then translated into a relational database schema where individual fields in the JSON structure are indexed for queries. The indexed data is used for applying statistical analysis to identify performance regressions. Both the indexed data and un-processed objects are available through the web service.

New JSON objects and schema definitions can be added to support different types of data. It’s also possible to utilize the fields already available in the JSON structure to represent different information.

All of the datasets contained in datazilla are described with three classifiers: project, content type, and dataset. Each project classifier can have its own dedicated user interface associated with it. These classifiers are described in detail in the Architecture section.

Datazilla was developed to manage performance test data generated by talos. The user interface displaying this data is deployed here.